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Twilight Charm Bracelets - Featuring the Bella Replica Wooden Wolf Charm Bracelet!

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Twilight Cullen Crest Accessories and Jewelry from the Movie

These beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories make great gifts and are must have's for collectors of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. From Bella's Bracelet to the Family Cullen Crest, these include: Edward Wristcuff, Alice's Choker, Rosalie's Necklace, Esme's Bracelet, Carlisle's Ring and more. A great way to be part of everyone's favorite vampire clan!

First Family Of 'Twilight' Unveils The Cullen Crest

When the bat-signal flies high in the sky, you know that Bruce Wayne is about to come around the corner and save the day. The Transformers use theirs to distinguish the Autobots from the Decepticons. Bands (The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag), people (Prince, Ron Paul) and ideals (Peace, Smiley-ness) use symbols every day.

Now, the bloodsucking beauties from "Twilight" are ready to join the ranks of the symbolic - and MTV has your first look at The Cullen Crest.

"This is something that's not in the book; it's a little detail in the movie that you are going to glimpse at," explained Peter Facinelli, showing us Carlisle's finger jewelry. "It's a family crest - the Cullen family crest - and each one of us carry it. Mine is in the form of a ring, some of the kids have it on as a bracelet, some have a pendant. Each one of us carries the family Cullen crest."

Designed by director Catherine Hardwicke and her team, the shamrocks-and-lions-powered crest was presented to stars like Facinelli and Nikki Reed, who were then allowed to choose the jewelry their character would wear.

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"What we've got up here is we've got this arrow, three shamrocks, a lion, and a hand above the lion," explained Jackson Rathbone, proudly showing off his leather wristband. "What all this means, I don't know. I could make up a lot of stuff, but I don't know."

"We all have one," explained Ashley Greene. "To be honest, it looks real cool."

Over the last few months, Twilighters have been obsessively watching footage of the sizzle reel, the trailer, and the first scene from the movie. Many have never noticed the Cullen Crest, most likely because it doesn't appear in the book and some fans haven't known to look for it. Now, like a first-timer at the end of "The Sixth Sense," they'll be scrambling to go back and look for all the clues they missed.

"In all the school scenes you'll see it," added Greene, who wears it on a necklace much like Nikki Reed.

"I was running so fast in the baseball scene, and [my crest necklace] kept flying all over the place, and then I slid in and it flew up and hit my face," Reed remembered of one scene she had to take it off during. "That didn't work but we're always wearing it. And Rosalie has the most intense [piece of jewelry]; subtle would not be the right word for it."

Day 2 of our set visit just went live, and you can head over there to see more footage and read additional details about the crest.

Get a good look, Twilighters, because something tells me that in the months to come, the Cullen Crest will be popping up all over t-shirts, jackets, and everywhere else you can imagine. In fact, it may have already gone too far.

"We've actually all got them tattooed on our right butts," Rathbone added with a laugh.

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Official Complete Jewelry Set of the Cullen Family

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Official Complete Jewelry Set of the Cullen Family includes: Edward Wristcuff, Alice's Choker, Rosalie's Necklace, Esme's Bracelet, and Carlisle's Ring. All come in a display Jewelry case w/ Cullen Crest. Set also includes limited Autographed Post Card by Peter Facinelli (Dr Cullen)

"The quality of these pieces seemed better than what I remembered when I first saw them sold individually in Borders. In particular, I think the velvet ribbon used in Alice's choker is of pretty good quality. As far as I can tell, each piece is identical to the pieces used in the movie. NECA did a pretty good job recreating each piece. I have compared these pieces to zoomed-in photos and movie stills, and I couldn't find any significant differences. I even compared Peter Facinelli's ring (Carlisle's ring) to the original ring that is currently sold on Ebay as part of a charity auction in Bonnie Hunt's Show. I think the luster, material, and casting is essentially the same. The only difference is that the one sold on Ebay has a signature from Peter Facinelli. Each piece of jewelry is made of very solid and dense material, which can be reflected on the weight of it when wearing it.

The certificate of authenticity with Peter Facinelli's signature is found behind the cushioning foam in the box, so it can be difficult to locate at first. I read many reviews saying that they didn't find a signed card in the box, so I was worried at first. The signature is hand-signed with a black marker and appears different for each set. This special touch to this set makes it worth collecting. The packaging is excellent, all items were securely strapped in to prevent damage during shipping. Overall, I'm really satisfied with this order and would recommend it to any Twilight fan."

Cullen Family Crest Jewelry for Twilight

Priscillaxcullen has done some digging around and located the jewelry designers who created the Cullen family crests for the film. They created the Family Crest jewelry worn by several of the characters in the movie. See close detailed images of the crests used in the up coming Twilight film. The are truly spectacular.

Pictured on the website are Esme's bracelet, Rosalie's pendant, Alice's choker, and the Cullen boy's wrist band.

For those of you asking, Robyn has put together the historic definitions of the symbols contained in the crest.

Lion - Dauntless courage

Hand - Pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice

Shamrock - Perpetuity

Chevron - Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service

from TwilightLexiconBlog

Edward's Wristcuff

Twilight "Esme's Bracelet" Jewelry

Twilight "Esme's Bracelet" Replica Jewelry

This bracelet is a replica of the one Esme wears with the Cullen family crest. 2 1/2" wide. Base metal.

"I ordered Esme's Bracelet with standard delivery and had it in my hands in less than a week. There's not much to be said for this piece, except that it's well-made and well-sized. The bracelet is actually a bit big for me (then again, I have small wrists), though it's very well-proportioned for the size of the actual crest (two inches from top to bottom) and still very wearable. It seems sturdy enough to me...and definitely worth the $20 I spent on it!"

Twilight "Rosalie's Necklace" Jewelry

Twilight "Rosalie's Necklace" Replica Jewelry

"This item is a solid plated metal with a double chain. I highly recommend this item if you have any interested in the movie or the novels. The attention to detail on this crest is great, and aside from being a little heavier than the standard necklace, it's decent for regular wear. And considering the actual size of the crest (about 2.5 inches from top to bottom), it's well worth the $20."

Twilight "Alice's Choker" Jewelry

Twilight "Alice's Choker" Replica Jewelry

"This beautiful necklace connects itself with two separate clips that will adjust to two different sizes which sits right at the clavicle. As in the picture above, the necklace is a dark grey color with the Cullen crest in the center (the material feels almost like velvet). The Cullen crest adds a little weight to the necklace, but this is not a hindrance. This is an ideal gift for any "Twilight" fan and lets you become part of Edward and Bella's adventure! It is simply magnificent and durable; but as with all necklaces, I would definitely be careful while wearing it. This particular necklace comes attached to a card with Alice's image on it. Again, this is the perfect gift and it is absolutely beautiful!"

Twilight "Edward's Wristcuff" Jewelry

Twilight "Edward's Wristcuff" Replica Jewelry

"The crest is riveted into place on a piece of leather about 2.5 inches wide and maybe 7 inches long. The closure is a leather thong (which I readjusted a little so it was more comfortable.) The crest (on my cuff anyway) has a dark black back ground and just the right amount of faux patina on the high relief. I highly recommend this item for any fan of the Cullen boys."

Wearing the Cullen Family Crest

Alice's Choker and Jasper's Wristcuff

Rosalie's Necklance and Emmett's Wristcuff

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Music Jewelry Box

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Music Jewelry Box

Store your Twilight treasures in this fabulous Musical jewelry box! The front features the movie poster image of Bella and Edward. Open the box to hear "Bella's Lullaby" as heard in the Twilight movie. Inside you will find a rotating crest locket that can be removed and also used as a necklace (chain not included) Inside of box is lined with black velvet and has a small oval mirror"

Twilight Earrings 3 Pack Edward Crest

Twilight Earrings 3 Pack Edward Crest

"Officially Licensed Twilight /New Moon Movie Jewelry 3 Sets of Earrings
1. Cullen Crest Charms 2. Rhinestone Hearts (representing the diamond heart Edward gives Bella) 3. Blue Wolves (representing the wolf charm Jacob gives Bella_ Jewelry Set of 3 Pairs of Earrings"

Twilight "Cullen Crest", "Bella & Cullens" & "Lion and Lamb" Keyring/ Bagclip

Twilight "Cullen Crest" Keyring/ Bagclip

"I'm so happy I waited for original crests to be released, I've seen so many bad replicas sold for absurd amounts of money. When I saw this on Amazon, I was all over it! I love this piece and has already become my only keychain I'll ever want to use! It's very sturdy and lovely, still I protect it as if it was made out of glass.It's stamped "TM & © SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT, LLC" on the back of the crest. The apple charm is hollow in the back and the heart is flat. The piece comes attached to a nice Twilight cardboard with a black background and " 'Cullen Crest' Keyring/Bagclip" written at the bottom. Very Very nice piece to have if you're a fan!!
Now I just wish NECA would release a cellphone charm :D"

Twilight Bag Clip/Image Charm "Bella & Cullens"

"Features Silver Apple Charm, Crest charm, Black faceted bead, clear faceted bead, silver heart charm & silver crest charm."

Twilight "Lion and Lamb" Keyring/ Bagclip

"I originally bought this keychain for a friend but decided to keep it. This keychain is for Twilight fans and the pieces symbolize the images displayed in the movie and book franchise. One surprising thing to note is that the image does not display how large the item is which is even better for advertising your love of this book/movie! I am absolutely in love with the series and cannot wait for the movie to come out, and this keychain makes the perfect gift for any Twilight fan."

Twilight Cullen Crest Keyring-keychain

Twilight Cullen Crest Decorative Throw Pillow

Twilight Cullen Crest Decorative Throw Pillow

"This is a must have item. The design of the pillow is beautiful. It is not only the front that looks great but the back looks great as well. There is a lot of great detail as well. The blue colors look very good on the pillow. It appears to be very durable and well made. Amazon is the only place to get this great item."

Twilight Hat, Glove, and Scarf Winter Set

Twilight Hat, Glove, and Scarf Winter Set

"Great product. Got it for my sister. She is an absolute fan of Twilight and I thought it would be a great gift for her. It turns out it was!"

Twilight Charm Bracelets

Twilight Forever Stretch Bracelet

"This hematite tone bracelet features a clear rhinestone accent with a dangling Cullen family crest charm and ''You don't know how long I've waited for you I dream about being with you forever.'' One size fits most."

Twilight "Red Jewel" Charm Bracelet


Twilight "Basic Logo" Charm Bracelet

"This hematite tone bracelet features a Twilight logo, lion, lamb, apple, Cullen family crest and red faceted bead charms. 7'' long. Lobster clasp. Base metals."

Twilight Cullen Crest Patch

Official Twilight " Heart and Key " Necklace and Bracelet Jewlelry Set

Twilight Rubber Bracelet Set "Team Edward and Team Jacob"

Twilight Pin Set

Twilight Pin Set

"This pin set is so adorable and a perfect buy for any Twilight fan. Each pin is labeled according to the character (i.e., Bella, Edward, Bella and Edward, and Twilight). The set comes with a plastic covering over the pins, and the actual pins are as durable as a pin can be. I would recommend this to any "Twilight" fanatic! This is the perfect gift to yourself or another person who loves the story." Widgets

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